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Josefine Lindstrand

Josefine Lindstrand (SE)


Josefine Lindstrand is a singer, composer and pianist from Sweden.

Josefine studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. She is an established name on the international jazz scene known for her fascinating and provoking sense of melodies, graceful voice and creative arrangements.

She has released several critically acclaimed albums and has toured in Europe, the USA and China. Josefine has also found time to share share the stage and play piano with Swedish artists such as Veronica Maggio, Darin and Maia Hirasawa, as well as singing and touring with the Danish post rock band Efterklang.

In 2015 Josefine received the Danish Music Award in the Best Vocal CD category with the group Sekten.

Listen to Josefine Lindstrand on Spotify

Siv Øyunn Kjenstad


Siv Øyunn Kjenstad is a drummer who plays easily across many genres such as jazz, alternative pop/rock, contemporary and improvised music and electronica. In the different musical expressions, she brings her personal, warm sound, creative and spontaneous approach. She is recognized by many for her characteristic, steady groove and the ability to listen and play with her co-musicians in an expressive, dynamic and organic way.

The Oslo-based drummer also travels Europe and worldwide with various collaborations. This year she's doing a lot of gigging with Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conception of Jazz, as the project and his label Jazzland have their 20th anniversary. Current projects include: Øyunn, Bugge Wesseltoft New Conception of Jazz, Christian Balvig Sextett, BRAK RUG, BAYA and occasionally Band of Gold, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Time is A Blind Guide.

Listen to Siv Øyunn Kjenstad at Soundcloud

Thomas Backman


TThomas Backman is a member of some of the most spoken-about jazz groups in Sweden, such as paavo and Klabbes Bank, as well as in the legendary Georg and Sarah Riedels Jazz for children's act ”Jazz på Pippis vis”. Since 2016 he has lead his own band ”Thomas Backman” for which he writes all of the music. He has worked as a freelancer, both live and in recordings, with artists such as pop artists Maia Hirasawa, Miss Li, Loney Dear, Magnus Carlson and Nicolai Dunger as well as with jazz musicians like Hilmar Jenson, Goran Kajfes, Moserobie Big Band, Josefine Lindstrand, Oskar Schönning, heavy-metal singer MOA and many more.

Thomas has toured in most of the European countries and even Japan, Mexico, USA and Brazil. He was chosen as the only Swedish partipicant in the European Youth Jazz Orchestra 2004 for a tour and recording in Europe and Brazil 2004. Thomas was nominated for the Swedish National Radios prestigious award ”Jazzkatten” as ”newcomer of the year” in 2013

Listen to Thomas Backman on Soundcloud

Tobias Dall Mikkelsen

Tobias Dall Mikkelsen (DK)


With a well balanced mix between American and Scandinavian influences Tobias Dall combines a warm organic sound with melodic lyricism and rhythmic drive. This has made him an active and attractive musician on the Danish jazz scene. He finished his master degree at RMC, Copenhagen in 2013 and has been playing and touring with a number of different projects in Europe and Japan since he was very young.

Tobias is a permanent member of Niels Lan Doky Trio, Malene Kjærgård Group, Brickman/Dall Trio, Esben Højlund Trio among others and has shared the stage with names as Randy Brecker, Debbie Sledge (Sledge Sisters) and Alvin Queen.

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir (IS)


We are happy to announce that Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir will return to The Sezzion one more time!

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir is born and raised in Iceland by a musical father (Sigurður Flosason saxophone player) and started playing the piano at a very early age. She studied at FIH music school in Iceland and graduated in spring of 2014, moving to Sweden later that year to begin studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

She has performed extensively in both Iceland and Sweden and already has become a sought after group member in Stockholm’s jazz scene. She has performed and toured with some of Swedens top jazz musicians such as Håkan Broström and played with some of the top big bands as Norrbotten Big Band and New Places Orchestra. Anna Gréta received the Icelandic music prize this year for best new talent in the jazz and blues genre in 2015.

Listen to Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir on Soundcloud


4 days with masterclasses, workshops, jams and concerts


Each educator gives a masterclass of their own choosing, providing you with a great chance to get to know all the teachers of the course and their personal relation to music.

Ensemble sessions

You will be formed into ensembles where you will play different sorts of music. You’ll get hands on advice on ensemble playing and take your musical skills to a new level.

Final concert

We conclude our course with a grand finale concert, where all musicians get to play and experience all the other ensembles.


Welcome to Åland Islands

Welcome to the Åland Islands in the middle of the Baltic sea. Åland is an autonomous, demilitarised and a swedish speaking region of Finland with an archipelago consisting of 6500 islands and skerries with a population close to 30 000.

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